PGG gives you direct access to a team of skilled individuals who create targeted business solutions based on your cultural requirements. All our presenters and subject matter experts have worked internationally as project managers, engineers, sales and customer support managers and have experienced challenges and benefits of working with and within other cultures.

This enables People Going Global to empathize with your staff and recommend solutions to real world situations in a highly interactive training environment that covers the practical and theoretical concepts of cross cultural training.

Our training modules provide valuable tools that can be adapted to the unknown challenges ahead in the field or back in the office when managing a team thousands of miles away or in the next cubicle.

Here are just a few examples of the questions that we can specifically address in our programs:

bulletWhy did the partner in Japan not get back to us immediately?
bulletHow does the German thinking process differ from the American and why.
bulletWhat to expect when presenting your sales pitch to a French businessman, and how to prepare
bulletHow to get results with an Indian offshore team using culturally aware communication skills.

People Going Global focuses on providing a toolkit of proven communication methods from a business perspective. We have provided thousands of hours of training on a wide variety of cultures including China, Japan, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Australia and the USA, as well as global awareness overviews.

Our customized programs can assist you if you are:

  • Already working in a multicultural environment
  • Currently interacting with foreign nationals as part of a global virtual team
  • Experiencing diversity and HR-related issues with relocated staff
  • Thinking of establishing an overseas presence
  • Relocating overseas, alone or with your family
  • Hiring foreign nationals on a regular basis in the US or abroad
  • Hosting overseas visitors

- Examples of Cross Cultural Training Programs

We successfully use our "Dual Perspective" model to demonstrate similarities and surprising differences between cultures. Understanding one's native cultural conditioning is just as important as learning about the cultural characteristics of the other. The Dual Perspective intercultural training approach enables the audience to:
  • raise awareness of our own value system / motivation and use it as a reference point
  • learn about other world business cultures through the dual perspective approach
  • develop and practice strategies from a contrast-and-compare point of view to address effective communication in a multicultural workplace


US Dept. of Commerce SABIT Asia Pacific Group - Ford Motor Co., University of Michigan

Participants from Malaysia , Thailand , Taiwan, China , Philippines , India , South Africa

"The course content has satisfied my requirements fully. It will be of great help during my 6 months stay."

"The material presented will be of great use while in the USA and when I return home."

US Dept. of Commerce SABIT, Russia and CIS - Ford Motor Co., University of Michigan

"Very good and useful seminar, well presented and interesting."

"It was very huge material that demands much more time than we had had. I am very appreciate Natasha for an excellent seminar."

"…This training is essential: I could predict responses of Americans to my proposals and I responded adequately to their requests."

"This year, in Belarus , I had some negotiations with my European collaborators. And I feel that your cross-cultural training was very useful in this case, which is not even directly connected with the US life…"

Eugene Naumovich

McKechnie Group

"I found this of great benefit when I visited India for the first time last year. The information I received prepared me for the social and cultural differences between the western and Indian cultures. This in turn gave me a greater level of confidence in dealing with the business issues."

Philip M Lelliott, Divisional Chief Executive, Vehicle Components - Worldwide

General Motors

"Excellent responses to many, many questions, very good discussive atmosphere."

"I would recommend this course because it deals with real issues that occurs daily"

"Excellent class. One of the best technical education classes I've taken since joining GM"


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