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Cross-cultural coaching develops individual leadership and negotiating styles for the ever-changing globally diverse environment:

Consider these two very different scenarios:

Crystal is the C-level executive. She was born in Shanghai, educated in Los Angeles, worked in Switzerland and is now leading a multicultural team in Sydney, while interacting with customers from all over the world, face-to-face and via email or video-conferencing.

David is a high potential employee. He has just been promoted to lead a challenging global initiative. He has not yet traveled overseas. However, he will be working with peers in multiple international locations, primarily via long-distance tools, while building a strong culturally-diverse team.

Both Crystal and David can benefit from individually tailored global executive coaching.

PEOPLE GOING GLOBAL provides customized global business solutions tailored to your specific work context.

bulletWhat motivates your global counterparts?
bulletHow do they make decisions?
bulletHow do they respond to conflict?
bulletWhat appeals to them in a sales presentation?
bulletHow do they measure customer service?
bulletWhat is the most effective way to translate your “elevator pitch” into global context?

We work with executives and high potential employees assisting them to:

  • Develop individual leadership style across borders
  • Build relationship and trust among team members in different locations but sharing the same project goals
  • Develop negotiating strategies with global partners
  • Adapt the sales pitch and marketing strategies to maximize brand appeal to the customer
  • Adapt customer service style based on customer’s cultural expectations in hospitality, healthcare, IT support, etc…
  • Debrief and advise about a specific situation that your team/executive might be experiencing
  • Work with you on evaluation of overseas business opportunities, looking for a cultural match based upon business, local and corporate culture
  • Assist with preparation for a specific overseas assignment
  • Address a specific requirement of an employee who has been relocated overseas or working virtually with global counterparts



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