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As more western companies turn to China for manufacturing and product sourcing partnerships, intercultural management training becomes increasingly necessary in order to maintain competitiveness. If you are reading this page you have probably already experienced some of the difficulties associated with conducting business in another culture. People Going Global can team with your staff to address specific issues you have and provide a path through the cultural minefield ahead.

Learn practical skills with intercultural management training from People Going Global.

It may surprise you to know that the challenges you face are not unique to your team and the offshore group. Simple misunderstandings over the importance of deadlines and relationship building are exaggerated by distance and time zone; but are rooted in the core values of our different societies. Developing an understanding of the core values through cross cultural training helps to deflect problems before they grow into project defeating disasters.

People Going Global specializes in customized business training. We have trained thousands of people to work more effectively together as engineering, customer service, IT and management teams. We provide short 4-hour overviews, 8-hour and 16 hour seminars as well as one-on-one briefings for senior executives.

If you are already asking these questions then intercultural management training is needed:
  • What motivates my Chinese counterparts?
  • How do I select top candidates for the offshore team?
  • Why do Confucian values play such an important role when conducting business?
  • What is face saving all about?
  • How do I get an answer to my questions?
  • What is guanxi?
  • Was it something I said?

People Going Global is based in Washington DC and is a leading provider of cross cultural management training to both small and large US and European companies investing in China.

Pictures of China are courtesy of Russell Morales

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