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The booming Indian economy is attracting more and more business process outsourcing. Many US companies are turning to People Going Global to help improve communications and team effectiveness through intercultural management training.

It may surprise you to know that the challenges you face are not unique to your team and the offshore group. Simple misunderstandings over the importance of deadlines and relationship building are exaggerated not only by distance and time zone; they are also rooted in the core values of our different societies. Developing an understanding of the core values through cross cultural training helps to deflect problems before they grow into project-defeating disasters.

Cross cultural training that fits into your busy schedule.

People Going Global specializes in customized business training. We have trained thousands of Indian and US nationals to work more effectively together as engineering, customer service, IT and management teams. We provide short 4-hour overviews, 8-hour and 16 hour workshops as well as one-on-one briefings for senior executives.

If you are already asking any of these questions, then intercultural management training will benefit your team:

  • Why did we miss the deadline and why does nobody seem to accept it?
  • How do I select top candidates for the offshore team?
  • What are suitable measures of customer service?
  • How do I get an answer to my questions?
  • Was it something I said?!

Intercultural management training for every sized company.

People Going Global is based in Washington DC and is a leading provider of cross cultural management training to both small and large US and European companies investing in India.

Some of our cross cultural training projects:

Intercultural business training for a project team building a new manufacturing plant and staffing it in India.

Provide cross cultural training for a team of R&D engineers and management from both the US and India to build and run a new facility in Bangalore for a large automotive manufacturer.

Train IT staff for a large insurance company outsourcing processes to India.

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