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PEOPLE GOING GLOBAL(PGG) is an Intercultural Management Consulting firm, founded in 2000. We are based in Washington DC, and work all over the world. PGG provides Global Executive Coaching, Customized Intercultural Management Training, and Project-Specific Consulting to companies with operations in multiple countries. PGG assists international clients to leverage the power of global cross-functional teams.

If you work in a business environment where people from all over the world interact together on a daily basis or have customers who come from different countries or cultures and may have different expectations of customer service, contract negotiation or presentation style, then PGG can assist you and your organization to understand cultural influences in the workplace, to bring together new skillsets and thought processes that have great potential for the organization.
Managing Partners and co-founders Natasha and Duncan Crundwell have over 35 years of shared experience in global executive communication training and consulting.

PGG integrates industry-specific requirements, e.g. engineering, marketing, HR, leadership, financial services, hospitality, healthcare, construction, etc…to customize to your specific work context.

PGG develops and facilitates Country-Specific and Global Teambuilding programs for culturally diverse workforce, corporate and leadership retreats and international conferences.

PGG works with government agencies, Fortune 500 senior executives, manufacturing, HR, engineering and marketing teams from around the world.

We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients to ensure continuous growth and commitment to cross cultural competence.

Our work is based on a variety of input. One of the critical success factors is the personal experience of our coaches, facilitators and subject matter experts, who have lived and worked abroad in varied business environments. It is supported by the extensive research based on the works of leading authorities in cross cultural communication.


“I hired Natasha of People Going Global to provide cross cultural training for a global team of sales and marketing professionals for a high tech B2B semiconductor supplier. My goal was to build stronger understanding and trust across diverse cultural backgrounds of sales professionals based all over Asia, Europe, and the US, working with a US based product marketing team. Natasha and PGG more than delivered. 10 months after the training people still comment that it had a positive impact on how they respond and work with each other and customers from different cultural backgrounds. We brought PGG back 5 months later to provide similar training to our product line engineering and worldwide customer applications engineering teams. Again Natasha delivered, and the teamwork across the entire global organization has improved. 

PGG put in the time and effort to get to know our team and challenges we had working as a global team months in advance of the actual training. This kind of personal involvement, attention, and commitment is an absolute must to make a difference. I plan to continue working with Natasha and PGG, and highly recommend them as a corporate trainer and coach.” David Fullwood, Vice President at RFMD

“Natasha and the team at PGG provides a service that is valuable for any level of an organization before engaging in an overseas assignment. They prepare you for the transition and build you a customized methodology on adapting. The team’s vast experience with global business environments and clients give you real life example and personal experiences. Any corporation that is making an investment in global scale should utilize PGG to better prepare their personnel for the challenges to ensure their success.” Tim Gentry, Managing Director at Avaya ANZ

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